FRIDAY 16:30-18:00
(Master Thesis Oral Presentation Session) International HALL ( HALL C)
Chairs: Assoc. Prof. Yaprak SARIGOL ORDIN, RN & Esther ESPUÑES MESTRES, RN

Use Of Virtual Reality For Pain Management, Comfort And Satisfaction After Thyroid-Parathyroid Surgery
Berna Yılmaz
The Effect Of Discharge Training Text Messages Sent By Nurses On Quality Of Life In Patients Who Have Undergone Radical Prostatectomy
Elif Nur Karasu
Determining The Awareness Of Operating Room Staff About Surgical Smoke And Radiation Safety And Examining Their Knowledge Levels
Özdem Kaynar Kalkan
Postoperative Effects Of Incentive Spirometry Practise Before Colorectalcancer Surgery On Respiratory Parameters
Merve Modey
Examination Of The Relation Of Mobility With Gastrointestinal Symptoms And Pain In Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery
İlknur Kasalar
Effect Of Intraoperative Virtual Reality On Anxiety And Vital Signs In Patients Undergoing Total Knee Replacement Surgery
The Effect Of Preoperative Education On Postoperative Comfort For Patients Who Will Have Thyroidectomy Surgery
Melek Sancak
Investigation Of The Effect Of Postoperative Thirst On Patient Comfort And Recovery Quality In Patients Undergoing Colorectal Surgery
Fırat Açıkgöz
Comparison Of Physiological Parameters Of Patients Who Had Laminectomy Surgery In Prone Position And Actively Warmed During The Perioperative Process With Different Heating Methods.
Birgül Bağatur
Examination Of Anxiety And Sleep Quality Prior To Discharge In Patients With Open Heart Surgery
Hale Nur Can

FRIDAY 16:30-17:30
(Master Thesis Oral Presentation Session) HALL D 
Chairs: Gülten SUCU DAĞ & Marin REPUSLIC

Fear Of Hypoglycemia In Patients With Type I And Type Ii Diabetes After Pancreatic Surgery
Merve Nur Aydoğan
The Effect Of The Timing Of Cold Application On Pain And Satisfaction In Patients With Fractures
Derya Kırıcı
The Determination Of Relationship Between Self-Care Power And Comfort Level In Patients Undertaking Abdominal Surgery
Buket Özkan
Investigation Of The Relationship Between The Privacy Consciousness, Ethical Sensitivity And Empathy Level Of Operating Room Nurses
Emine Gül Köksal Gündüzalp
Evaluation Of Operating Room Nurses’ Knowledge Of Suture Materials And Problems Experienced During Use: An Example From A Training And Research Hospital In Istanbul
Cansu Kaçmaz
Nursing Initiatives And Laboratory Applied On Diabetic Wounds Evaluation Of Follow-Up
Nurcan Bağatur
The Effect Of Women’S Breast Cancer Fear And Fatalism Perception And Selected Factors On Their Breast Cancer Early Detection Attitudes
Gizem Bakır
Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Perception Of Missed Nursing Care And Patient Satisfaction In Surgical Patients
Melek Demir

FRIDAY 16:30-17:30
(Master Thesis Oral Presentation Session) HALL E
Chairs: Seher DENIZ OZTEKIN & Arzu İLÇE

Investigation Of The Relationship Between Preoperative Anxiety And Postoperative Recovery In Patients
Nagehan Evkaya
Investigation Of Alarm Perception, Fatigue And Management Of Intensive Care Nurses
Züleyha Aykut
The Effect Of White Noise And Pacifier Applications On Pain And Crying Time In Newborns In The Postoperative Period
Elif Çopur
Evaluation Of The Efficiency Of Nursing Education Given With Different Methods On Anticoagulant Drug Use
Cevriye Altuntaş
Adaptation Of Healthy Work Environment Assessment Tool Into Turkish: A Validity And Reliability Study
Başak Sarı
Investigation Of The Relationship Between Environmental Stressors Perceived By Intensive Care Nurses And The Perception Of Spiritual Support
Sibel Korkmazer
Nursing Of Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery With Low Cardiac Output Evaluation Of Care
Gülbahar Karsız
Examination Of The Knowledge And Attitudes Of Nurses Working In A State Hospital On The Prevention Of Pressure Ulcers
Yusuf İlhan

FRIDAY 17:30-18:30
(Master Thesis Oral Presentation Session) HALL D
Chairs: Arzu TUNA & Esma ÖZŞAKER

The Effect Of Pre-Surgery Video And Brochure Supported Education On The Anxiety, Life Findings And Pain Of The Patients Who Will Have Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (Cabg) Surgery
Hatice Arslan
Determining The Risk Of Pressure Ulcers Due To Surgery
Merve Nur Tekeci
Investigation Of The Effect Of Working Order Of Operating Room Nurses On Teamwork, Satisfaction And Motivation Levels
Zehra Büyükdeğirmenci
The Effect Of Early Mobilization On Sleep Quality After Major Abdominal Surgery
Nurşen Kef
İnvestigation Of Compassion Level And Compassion Fatigue In Surgical Nurses
Bahtışen Çakmak
Effect Of Waiting Time For Surgical Admission On Stress Response In Patients Undergoing Surgery
Aynur Koyuncu
Evaluation Of Postoperative Recovery: A Mixed Method Study
Nurdan Sarmusakcı
Investıgatıon Of Intolerance To Uncertaınty Psychologıcal Well-Beıng And Spırıtual Well-Beıng In Kıdney Transplant Recıpıents
Canan Bakan
Investigation Of The Relationship Between The Compliance Of The Nurses Working In The Intensive Care Unit With Isolation Measures And The Levels Of Health Anxiety During The Covid 19 Pandemic Yasemin Altinbaş
The Incidence Of Pressure Wounds In Surgery Patients And The Investigation Of The Effect Of Risk Factors
Tülay Yavan

SATURDAY 09:15-10:15
(Doctoral Thesis Oral Presentation Session) International HALL (HALL C)
Chairs: Assoc. Prof. Fatma VURAL, RN & Marin REPUSTIC, RN

Difficulties Of Intensive Care Nurses When Caring For Patients With Delirium; Qualitative Research
Neslihan Sarı
Developing The Scale Of Using Safe Technology In The Operating Room And Evaluation Of Its Efficiency
Dilay Hacıdursunoğlu Erbaş
The Effect Of Enhanced Recovery Protocols On Patıent Outcomes In Patıents Wıth Cardıovascular Surgery: A Systematıc Revıew And Metana Analysıs
Nurşah Büyükçamsarı Şanlıer
Distractions In The Operating Room: An Investigation Into Their Impact On Healthcare Professionals
Hacire Devran Ecer
Psychometric Properties Of Turkish Version Of The Acute Care Nurse Job Satisfaction Scale R
Pelin Sari Keleş
Determining The Opinions Of Individuals Who Underwent Bariatric Surgery On Nutrional Behaviors: Qualitative Research
Kıymet Öztepe Yeşilyurt
Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Simulation Model And Mobile Application In Teaching Tracheal Suctioning To Caregivers Of Tracheostomy Patients
Yeliz Şapulu Alakan
The Effects Of Virtual Reality And Acupressure Applications On Pain, Anxiety, Vital Signs And Comfort In The Catheter Extraction Process Of Patients Who Have Coronary Angiography
Esma Gökçe
The Effect Of Virtual Reality And Music On Pain, Anxiety And Pain Anxiety In Burn Patient Care
Rabia Görücü

SATURDAY 15:15-16:30
(Doctoral Thesis Oral Presentation Session) International HALL (HALL C)
Chairs: Assoc Prof. Ozlem BILIK, RN & Prof. Suresh SHARMA, RN

The Effect Of Virtual Reality Practice And Music On Patients’ Pain, Comfort, And Vital Signs After Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery
Şerafettin OKUTAN
The Effect Of Abdominal Massage On Excretory Activity And Pulmonary Function Tests In Patients With Partial Hip Replacement
Canan Kanat
The Effect Of Mobile Application-Based Bowel Preparation Training On The Patient's Bowel Preparation Compliance, Quality And Anxiety Level In Patients For Whom Colonoscopy Is Planned
Kübra Şengör
Investigation Of The Effect Of Support Group Intervention On Anxiety, Coping And Quality Of Life In Families Of Children With Corrosive Esophagus Burns
Nazife Gamze Özer Özlü
The Effect Of E-Mobile And Written Education On The Quality Of Life And Sleep Of Patients With Transurethral Prostate Resection
Şeyma Yurtseven
The Effect Of Noise Control Methods And Music Therapy On Anxiety, Vital Signs And Postoperative Pain In Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Mahmut Dağcı
Does Moulage Use Affect Nursing Students' Wound Care Skills?: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Havva Kara
The Effect Of Education And Telephone Follow-Up On Symptom Management And Quality Of Life In Patients Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy
Tuğba Sınmaz
Evaluation Of The Effect Of Aromatherapy Massage Applied To Patients After Colorectal Surgery On Early Period Symptom Control
Dilek Aygin
Effect Of Scenario-Based Three-Dimensional Video Training Using Virtual Reality Glasses On The Surgical Hand Washing And Sterile Dressing Skills Of Nursing Students: A Randomized Controlled Study.
Songül Güngör
The Effect Of Algorithm Training Booklet Based On Orem’S Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory For Patients With Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease: A Mixed-Method Study
Nevra Kalkan
Effect Of Different Discharge Training Methods On Readiness And Self-Efficacy For Discharge After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Dilara Şahan
The Violence Experiences Of Operating Room Nurses: Qualitative Study
Nurdan Pala Dağoğlu
DS24 Effect Of Aloe Vera And Propolis On Wound Healing In Pressure Injuries Özgül Aydemir