* Master's and Ph.D. oral presentations will be presented in English.
* Other oral presentations may be presented in English or Turkish.
* Paper submissions will be made online through the website,
* The points to be considered when sending a paper are stated below;

General Principles:

  •  Papers will only be accepted from the online abstract submission system via the congress web page, and papers sent by mail or fax will not be evaluated.
  •  Before sending the paper, it is necessary to register from the online system.
  •  Papers to be sent to the congress will be presented in Turkish.
  •  Abstracts will be sent to the abstract holders electronically.
  •  Submitted Abstracts will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee; The appropriateness of reporting the papers in the congress and the manner in which they are accepted and presented will be decided by the Scientific Committee.
  •  In order for the papers to be published in the Abstract Proceedings Book, the presenting author must have completed the congress registration process.
  • Original research and case reports will be accepted within the scope of the congress.

Evaluation of Papers

  • The scientific committee of the congress will also act as an arbitrator. Papers will be evaluated through a double-blind-referee process. After the referee evaluation process, the papers will be accepted, rejected and corrections will be requested from the authors when necessary. Accepted papers will be presented at the congress.
  • Authors can choose the presentation method as oral or poster presentations when they upload their papers to the system. However, according to the results of the evaluation by the Congress Scientific Committee, the presentation method may change.All correspondence regarding the papers entered into the system will be made with the author who uploads the papers to the system.

Abstract Preparation Rules

  • The language of the congress is Turkish.
  • The entire abstract should not exceed 300 words (except title name, author name, surname, institution information and keywords).
  • Abstracts should be prepared in Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing and 12 font size.
  • The title of the abstract should reflect the content of the subject, should be short and should not contain abbreviations. The title should be written with the first letters of each word capitalized.
  • Academic titles should not be used in author names. Names should be written in lowercase letters, with only the first letter capitalized.
  • Academic titles should not be used in author names. Names should be written in lowercase letters, with only the first letter capitalized.
  • The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work (university name, faculty / department, province and country) must be specified.
  • The abstract should be understandable in terms of content and scope.
  • When abbreviation should be used in the abstract, the abbreviation should be indicated in parentheses where it is first mentioned.
  • Original research abstracts should be structured to include "introduction, objective, material method, results, conclusions and recommendations" sections.
  • The case report should be structured to include "introduction, objective, case(s), conclusion and recommendations" sections for abstracts.
  • Keywords should consist of at least 3 and at most 5 words.

Oral Presentation Features

  • The oral presentation can be presented by the concerned author in English or Turkish.
  • Since the Master's and Doctoral thesis presentations will be presented in the International Oral Presentation Session, English presentations will be made.
  • All presentations will be presented in the order specified in the congress program. The session information of your oral presentation will be sent to you.
  • Papers not presented at the meeting will not be published in the proceedings book.
  • A digital copy of the presentation files should be checked before the session start time and delivered to the person in charge in the hall.
  • Oral presentation time is 7 minutes; 5 minutes will be devoted to presentation, 2 minutes to discussion.
  • Presentation of Master's and Doctoral theses is 10 minutes; 7 minutes will be devoted to presentation, 3 minutes to discussion.
  • The names of all authors should be included in the first slide of the presentation.
  • The name of the person who will present the oral presentation should be underlined and indicated.
  • Presentation titles should include Introduction and General Information (2 slides), Objective (1 slide), Material Method (3 slides), Results, Conclusion (1 slide) and Resources (1 slide). Important references should be included in the last slide.
  • It is recommended to prepare a maximum of 12-20 slides for the presentation and add slide numbers to all slides.
  • Since the questions and discussions of the oral presentation will be made at the end of the session, the presenters should not leave the hall until the end of the session.

Poster Presentation Features:

  • Poster presentations will be presented as E-Posters.
  • Click here for Sample Poster Presentation.
  • Click here to upload the Pdf version of your E-Poster Presentation.
  • You can upload the Pdf version of your E-Poster Paper by entering your notification code on the opened page by clicking the "Choose File" button.
  • If you do not know your notification code, you can learn it at

    • The size of your pdf file should be smaller than 10mb.

Full Text Text Format:

  • Full text should be in A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm). The left, right, top and bottom margins should each be 2.5 cm.
  • The title should be 12 pt, bold, with the first letters capitalized and centered. The English title of the article should be prepared in the same format and should be written after one line of space.
  • One line should be left after the English title. Author names should be given after the title of the emails to their institutions.
  • Article in Times New Roman Abstract size should be 10 pt main text 12 pt, single line spacing.
  • The entire text should be written with "Times New Roman".
  • After the authors' information, a 350-word abstract in Turkish and English should be given.
  • Tables and images should not exceed the given page margins.
  • A line should be spaced between the sections of the article (e.g. Introduction, method, conclusion, references). Main headings should be written in centered, bold and capital letters. Second-level headings should have uppercase first letters and bold. The third level should be used in italics and capitalized first letters.
  • The texts used in the tables and graphics should be Time New Roman. In the table, the font size can be reduced to 8 points.
  • References should be at the end of the article and listed alphabetically. References and quotations in the text should be prepared in AMA (numerical) format.
  • Abbreviations must conform to standard usage. They should be given in full format where they are first used.
  • Full text should be maximum 10 pages, including references and tables.